Blood On Ya Hands

In Blood On Ya Hands, Dunston complains to Carl (Jack the Ripper) for leaving the ship and missing hours of work on the dock.

DUNSTON: Hungry? Lemme tell ya somethin’, you go wanderin’ off the docks again you’ll be fired fer it. Ya hear? Moses walkin’ round here with his stick out and I ain’t coverin’ for ya no more. Keeps askin’ me, “Where’s Carl at?” “Have ya seen his whereabouts?” I aim to tell ’em. Lose me own job and I got mouths to feed, yeah? Stay put! Takin’ on extra work fer ya and me shoulders are growin’ sore cause a ya. Stay with the Reiher! No thanks, no nothin’. You’re a headache I don’t come to need. Ya hear? Work your hours and nobody cares what you do in the nights, but work your miserable hours like the rest of us lubbers. Make me work twice as much with half the pay. No more! Next time won’t be no next time. Aye?

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Blood On Ya HandsIn this one-act eplay, Dunston tells off his co-worker Carl about missing hours and making his job more difficult.  Turns out that Carl is Jack The Ripper and was busy with other plans.  3 Men.  Drama.

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