Striking A Chord for Rosanna

In Striking A Chord for Rosanna, Buck does his best to shed light on young Rosanna due to the fact that she ran away from home.

BUCK: You know…give him a chance to be the Daddy he wishes to be for you. Give him the chance to lay down the law so he could sleep at night. Nobody’s saying you can’t, you know, walk on the edge and all but leaving home and disappearing is where the buck stops. That’s going too damn far. I know Roger and I know Willy and both men take no prisoners…both men are straight shooters, so I know first hand what sort of rule of thumb you’re under and I don’t think it’s as bad as all that.

ROSANNA: It’s worse.

BUCK: Maybe so but don’t you get my point? Even a little?

ROSANNA: Why should I listen to anything you have to say? You are a complete stranger.

BUCK: Cause deep down you know I’m striking a chord. Deep down you love your father and you don’t want to hurt ’em. You have every right to rebel, go your own way at times but keep grounded, don’t let your mind tell you tales that aren’t as true as you make them appear to be. (beat) Roger and me became good friends early on in our youth because we had rough upbringings and so we sort of found comfort in detecting the similarity between ourselves…he was mad as hell and so was I and we did things we’re both not proud of but he got lucky, see, he met your mother and he found a new path, a better path, an opportunity and me, well, I’ve stayed the course and here I am…still running from the law and caught up in all kinds of mayhem. You have so much to look forward to Rosanna, your young, smart and your Daddy loves you very much, you’re all he has left in the world. Keep in mind that if you’re strong enough to get through this, you’re strong as hell to get through anything…

[This monologue comes from the play, “Roger Used To Be Willy.”]

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Roger Used To Be WillyIn this one-act play, BUCK is assigned the duty of finding ROSANNA and getting her back home safely to her father.  Along their journey back, Rosanna discovers things about her father and herself.  The time is during the 1890’s and the place is Oklahoma.

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