You Could Go Now

A drama scene for 2 people between Daphne and a stranger in her kitchen from the one-act eplay Momma, I’m No Fool.

DAPHNE: You could go now.

EBON: Go where?

DAPHNE: Leave.

EBON: You want me to leave?

DAPHNE: I don’t know you and you’re talking like we friends and you ain’t my friend.

EBON: So why not become friends?

DAPHNE: You must got the wrong house.

EBON: You trippin?

DAPHNE: I ain’t trippin, but you be buggin’ acting like you the man a the house. There ain’t no man a this house cause I’m the man a this house.

EBON: Ohhh sh’t, I see, I see, so you scared, is what you sayin?

DAPHNE: There ain’t nothin’ to be scared about. I’m just saying it like it is…you passing through boy, that’s all you be doin’.

EBON: You gotta a lot of pep.

DAPHNE: I got a lotta common sense is what.

EBON: I like you. Moment I saw you, I knew I liked you. You know how some people’s faces just rub you the wrong way? And other people’s faces bring you near. Your face brings me near.

(DAPHNE pulls out gun)

DAPHNE: Any nearer and I will shoot you dead.

EBON: What you said?

DAPHNE: You heard me. Get out my house!

EBON: You crazy girl?

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Momma, I'm No FoolIn this one-act ePlay, Daphnee wants to escape her horrible life and so she sets her sights on meeting her biological father for the first time, with the deep hope that her life will turn around for the better.  3 Characters.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama.

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