72 Acting Scenes and Scripts for Actors

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72 Acting Scenes and Scripts for Actors

ALDERONA (1 girl teen, 1 teen guy) – Scripted scifi scene for two teenagers, 1 guy and 1 girl.  ALDERONA and KLUDO are brother and sister who have special secret powers that are meant to protect and save people’s lives.  Alderona is doubting her ability to carry out her responsibility and she discusses the issue with her brother.

ANIMAL BOYS (1 woman, 1 man) – In this short serio-comedic scene, DEV shows up at ISABEL’S home to ask her out. They are in a working-class suburb north of London.

ANOTHER DONNIE (1 woman, 2 men, teen boy) A practical joke gets played on young Donnie from his ‘home from the war’ brother.

BABY (1 woman, 2 men) – SANDRA calls her older brother MICKEY because she has found out she is pregnant by her boyfriend DEON.

BACK TO LIFE (1 woman, 1 man) – Pamela and Mitchell are putting an end to their short lived romance.  The action takes place at an outdoor train station during the 1950’s.

BASKET CASE (2 women) – a Mother tells her daughter that her unknown Uncle has died.

BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS (1 woman, 1 man) – MR. CHESTEREFIELD comes back from a trip, only to talk with his neighbor, MRS. CONNORS about his ‘changed’ wife.

BOULEVARD (1 girl teen, 1 woman) – a Mother talks to her daughter about making a career for herself, rather than writing in her room all day long.

BURDEN OF BEING TAKEN (1 woman, 2 men) – a family torn apart by war.

BUTTER – (2 women, 2 men) – TODD gets caught by his Grandparents TODD and MARGE using butter with his girlfriend HEATHER for a ‘science experiment project.’

CAVE OF DA VINCI (3 men) – Two BURGLARS enter an apartment.  A man named FREDDY FERRARA is sitting down with a cup of coffee and a gun resting on a nightstand.

CHANGES (2 men) – JARED confesses to DONNIE that he doesn’t want to make music any longer.

CHEESECAKE (1 woman, 1 man) – a hit woman gets information out from a man she abuses.

CHUTZPAH – (1 teen, 1 woman) – In this short drama scene, SANDRA is a teen who has just left home after a horrible physical confrontation with her Mother.  She passes AGNES, who is the neighborhood homeless lady.  This is their first actual verbal encounter.

CRASHING IN MY EARS (1 woman, 1 man) – WALLACE sits in his den while being interviewed by his niece ROBERTA for her journalism course in college.

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CURVE BALL (1 girl teen, 1 man) – TIFFANY is a rising pop star who is in her hotel room conflicted over her career.  In comes her talent manager, RODNEY MAGUIRE.

DEAD GIRL (2 men) – two friends try to figure out how to remove a dead woman from an apartment.

DEVIL IN MAN’S EYE (1 woman, 1 man) – a man borrows money from a close neighbor.

DIRT MOUTH (2 men) – one man purchases a gun from another man in order to attempt a murder scheme.

DRILL (1 woman, 1 man) – Maxwell visits Dr. Bethany claiming he deliberately damaged his wife’s tooth to have a root canal.

DRY PATCH (1 woman, 1 man) – A lover’s quarrel between JAN and CHARLIE over money.

ENCOUNTER (1 woman, 1 man) – short dramatic script, ROGER and LESLIE meet for the first time and decide to take a stroll along the Hudson River.

END POINT (1 woman, 2 men) – a short serio-comical scene for 3 actors.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (2 women) – In this short dramatic scene for two women, SARAH confronts the NURSE that has been wrongfully caring for her mother.

FIX (1 woman, 1 man) – a dramedy between a contractor and home owner.

FRESH AIR (1 woman, 1 man) – KITTY and MORSE are friends for years who meet regularly for company. This is lighthearted comedy.

FULL CIRCLE (2 women) – This is a short dramatic scene for two female actors.  TANYA and BEVERLY were two former best friends who happened to bump into one another at a city park.

GAME (2 men) – Two friends have an argument about loyalty and trust.

GUY CODE (1 woman, 2 men) – Comedic skit on loyalty at work.

HAROLD’S EAR (1 woman, 1 man) – an Uncle asks his niece to help him remove something from his ear.

HURRY UP, PLAYA (1 male teen, 1 man) – This is a short scene between two brothers.

IMAGINARY, YOU (2 men) –   short playscript, WALDO gets a visit from his brother RALLYE and a serio-comic scene ensues.  Waldo, is stoned out of his mind.  He hasn’t let up in days.  He talks outloud to himself in a trance.

JASPER THE WHALE (1 man) – Jena visits her father in prison.

JUST LIKE THE MOVIES (2 teen guys) – ZOOK and TANG strike up a conversation about starting their own drug spot in their neighborhood.

LATE AT NIGHT (1 woman, 1 man) – Boyner walks down a long corridor toward a closed door to a room in a hotel he is the caretaker for.  It is late at night.

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LAUNCH DATE (2 men) – a wealthy man talks to his butler about designing a rocket ship as a suicide plan.

LESS SOAP, MORE BLOOD (1 woman, 1 man) – an actress confronts her agent about her deep desire to do projects she believes in, rather than making a living doing soap commercials.

LOWER YOUR VOICE (1 woman, 1 man – teens) – PELLA visits her good friend JAMES at the gym to talk to him about his usage of steroids.

MAPLE ROAD (2 men) – JIM enters the barn where his son MARSHALL has been punching the wooden walls with white straps around his knuckles.

MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN (1 woman, 1 man) – TIA has just gotten back home from work to find MICK on the couch looking unhappy.

MICKEY’S CAKE – (1woman, 1 man) – Short Comedic Skit for 2 Actors to have some fun.

CHICKEN CUTLET SANDWICH AND SOME WINGS (1 woman, 1 man) – Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and Some Wings is about two teens who are the best of friends doing their best to cope with one another’s family issues.

MR. TANDUM (2 women, 2 men) – This is a short scene with 4 characters for actors to play.  2 men and 2 women.  This takes place in England during the Victorian era.

MY CHIANNA ( 2 men) – a transporter makes his final delivery in exchange for money but a girl comes between the final deal.

NITTY GRITTY (2 men) – two men who are part of their own Irish gang kidnap and plan on killing an enemy member from a rival gang.

NOT QUITE (2 men) – one man convinces another man to confess is cheating ways to his wife.

PIP’S RESTAURANT (1 woman, 2 men) – MUGGS has a crush on SHARON who is supposed to meet with him and JUDD at PIP’S RESTAURANT.

PLAYTIME (1 woman, 1 man) – PENELOPE talks to her husband STRATFORD about her boredom in the life that they are living together.

POLICY (1 woman, 1 man)  – A young married couple who makes money by prostitution.

POP ARTIST (2 men) – RODNEY approaches his cousin MAX who has secretly been taking higher doses of pills in order to function properly in his life.

QUE AND SCHELP (1 female teen, 1 male teen) – two teenagers rehearse the robbery they plan on committing the following day.

QUITE THE SCOUNDREL (3 men) – A man who owes a ‘Sir’ money, fakes his own death to avoid paying his debt.

REAL AGAIN (2 teen girls) – two female teenagers who are dating in secret and come from abusive homes, discuss the idea of suicide and robbery.

RED TUXEDO (2 men) – An upscale party in a New York City penthouse.  Mr. Berguer is hosting the event and has asked Mr. Sanders to enter his meeting quarters to negotiate a deal.

REST YOUR EYES (1 woman, 1 man) – This scene takes place during the 1920’s.  BERNARDO returns to a town seeking revenge on a woman named MRS. EMILY.

72 Effective Acting Scenes and Scripts for Creators

ROBOT RUN Z (2 men) – STAN has slipped out from the ‘bot’ he must answer to in his home known as the CONGRIDOR to meet with RICHARD.

SCREEN TIME (1 woman, 1 man) – A legendary screen actress GERALDINE in her nineties has a discussion with her assistant JAMESON about the state of the industry as she knows it.

SHOULD I BE SCARED? (1 woman, 1 man) – In this short thriller/horror acting scene, MARLON confesses to his girlfriend HANNAH that he is immortal.

SHRIBBLE (1 woman, 1 man) – In this short comic scene, VALERIE and FRANK discuss how their switch to going vegan has been working out.

SIGNAL (1 woman, 1 man) – MICHAEL lets his best friend TASHA into his apartment to show her a demonstration on hearing voices from his headphones and computer set up.

SNIFF (2 men) – BEN questions HARRY as to why he keeps sniffing his fingers.

SUNSHINE AND BIKINIS (2 men) – BUSTER visits his friend ALEC who has not emotionally overcome divorcing his wife.

TEA TIME (1 woman, 1 man) – A short comedic scene for two actors.  The idea is to have a woman talking from the 20th century and a man talking in modern times.

THE HIRE (1 woman, 1 man) – Sam tries to get help from a co-worker regarding a hired contract killer.

THE MOAN OF LISA (1 woman, 1 man) – MARVELLI sits on a beach chair overlooking a hotel pool.  His wife ANGIE enters and sits next to him.

THE SHOW (2 men) – VIC is a real life gangster who has created his own personal YouTube Channel, giving lessons to people on how they can be more gangster.

TRUE BLOOD TIES (1 woman, 1 man) – a daughter visits her imprisoned father.

UPON MY RETURN (2 men) – This is a short comedy sketch based on old nobility in England, hundreds of years ago that raises the question, What if there was a Burger King?

WALTER’S STUDY (1 woman, 2 men) – WALTER is confronted by his son FRANKLIN about their father/son issues.

WEIGHT OF LAUGHTER (2 men) – taking place in early cinema, a ‘laugh man’ gets interviewed in a surrealistic scenario.

WINDOW PAIN (2 women) – VICKIE and LESLIE are in a relationship.  Vickie punched Leslie in the face and this is the aftermath hours later.

YELLOW DRESS (1 woman, 1 man) – a terrorist bomb has gone off in an airport and throughout the ordeal two strangers have bonded.


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