10 Original Scenes from Plays for 3 Actors

10 Original Scenes from Plays for 3 Actors shares published script material that may be used by acting students and drama teachers in class.

10 Original Scenes from Plays for 3 Actors

I didn’t do enough, I could have given more.” from NOWHERE NEAR HAPPY
Ava wishes to help her parents with their financial struggle but their pride won’t permit her to do so.

Be calm cause she’s sensitive.” from TINA, HANK, HANK, TINA
Hank rushes to his brother’s aid when he learns that his life is being threatened, but the circus has only just begun.

Aren’t we all running from something, Mrs. Maureen?” from THE ATTIC
Onya is a woman looking for food and shelter and when she arrives at a random house, she may have found more than what she desires.

Tell me something about yourself…anything.” from THE DANCING MAN
While Max and Bree are driving across the country in a rented vehicle, they begin hearing banging sounds coming from the boot of the car.

We had the most wonderful time in those years.” from TOMORROW WILL BE
Mother has been having conversations with her dead husband and her son Edward tries to gently let her know the truth.

10 Scenes from Plays for 3 Actors

The kiss that started it all that night.” from WITH A BROKEN WING
Bob isn’t deterred by the way Lea treats him because he loves her so, and even though she isn’t going to the prom with him, he wishes to buy the dress she will wear.

We’ve tried everything, haven’t we?” from A SHADE OR TWO DARKER
Lion confronts his parents about the color of his skin and how he feels that they don’t accept as parents should.

Okay, let’s stop it there for a moment.” from ACROSS THE FACE
Bobby lent his brother-in-law money to fund his stage play and feels that he can contribute his own artistic sensibility because of it.

You think this is a game, movie star?” from THIS SIDE OF THE MISSISSIPPI
Quinn is a busboy working at a dive diner and when two criminals enter the place, he tries to hitch a ride with them to be part of their crew.

Can I have a bowl of your finest oysters?” from VIN ROGUE
Cosmo and Rihanna are hanging out in their usual cafe spot, mixing it up on their views of poetry, love and travel.

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