I’ve Failed My Descendants

Tiara doesn’t want to lose her family heritage and talks with her Uncle Ivan in a scene from the one-act eplay, The Ghosts of Our Ancestors.

IVAN: Look at me, Tiara…what do you truly see?

TIARA: I see a warm, gentle face of a man who has enormous love in his heart.

IVAN: That is a canvas held up over the face of the man I truly am. I raised you up as my own daughter, therefore you are prejudice against ill opinion of me.

TIARA: Yes, I may be prejudice, but what I speak is truth, regardless.

IVAN: You are a kind niece.

TIARA: Uncle Ivan, you must stop beating yourself up.

IVAN: Even if Eleanna comes through in time and her husband saves us, I assure you, he will wish to take ownership.

TIARA: Ownership?

IVAN: Of course. You can’t expect Mr. Clusterfield to simply hand over money and not take ownership.

TIARA: Why not?

IVAN: No man of any right mind should.

TIARA: Would it be such a bad thing?

IVAN: For him to take ownership?

TIARA: Everything will still remain within the family’s keep.

IVAN: Not in the way it should. I’ve failed my descendants. I am best to place a revolver in no other direction but my own.

TIARA: Uncle! How can you utter such harmful words?!

IVAN: …It’s true, it’s true! I cannot keep such thoughts inside myself any longer. Perhaps if I exclaim them, I won’t act upon them. Why didn’t I do something more? Why was all of this responsibility placed upon my head? It never should have been me. I wasn’t meant to take things over. Had I only known, I would have raised myself up differently as your father did, this way I would meet the cause head on, without lowly excuses. I am exhausted with this slow fading demise.

TIARA: Eleanna will come through for us and when she does, promise me you will never speak in such tongue again…

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The Ghosts of Our AncestorsIn this one-act ePlay Uncle Ivan and Tiara try to figure out the best way to go about saving the family estate or else face the consequences of losing their family heritage.

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