I dove through a second floor window

Billy is on the run from criminals and shows up at his ex-girlfriend Azumi’s place to hideout from 1 act play, ‘Before the Night Blows Cold’.

AZUMI opens the door.

AZUMI: I hate your guts.

BILLY: I hate my guts, too. Least we hate the same guy, right?

AZUMI: Why do you do this to me?

BILLY: I just went on a whole rant about it.

AZUMI: It’s all true?

BILLY: It’s worse than that but I figured I’d give you the “stuck on the other side of the door” version.

AZUMI: Not funny.

BILLY: Not trying to be funny.

AZUMI: Why is your face so bad?

BILLY: I told ya I got the sh’t kicked out of me but escaped. You have no idea. I have some glass stuck in my side here…

BILLY lifts his shirt to reveal a sharp piece of glass sticking in his side.

AZUMI shrieks.

Need help pulling it out.

AZUMI: How did you—

BILLY: I dove through a second floor window, landed on a pile of garbage pails and got away, but the glass caught me in my side.

AZUMI: Come inside.

AZUMI widens the gap of the door.

BILLY enters her apartment.

BILLY: Place hasn’t changed, but, (pointing) what happened to the couch I bought you?

AZUMI: I set it on fire.

BILLY: Jesus.

AZUMI: Now it looks like an art piece.

BILLY inspects couch.

BILLY: It really does. Yeah…ha, ha!

AZUMI: Shut up.

BILLY: Sorry.

AZUMI: Take off your shirt.

BILLY takes off his shirt.

AZUMI goes into another room.

BILLY: Do you have some of my clothes and sh’t still here or did you burn those, too?

AZUMI: I burned everything.

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