Madman in Search of an Island

In Madman in Search of an Island, Henrietta lets her husband know that she isn’t moving to remote island for his science research.

HENRIETTA: Listen Cooper, I’m about to break! I have given my LIFE for you. I’ve had children I never wanted to have, I’ve moved into a house I hated, I’ve dealt with your psycho family on every holiday and entertained all sorts of strange guests you call co-workers throughout the years. I’ve given you my best and not once have I ever asked you for anything in return except to show me love. Is that so difficult for a man who has everything? To simply love your wife? Maybe you have fallen out of love…is that it? Maybe you have grown accustomed to the daily existence I’ve provided for you and your work. I thought I was more important than this island idea you’ve been harping on and on about and now look, LOOK what you’ve done? You’ve made a mess of our vacation. This time I am putting my foot down or perhaps shoving it in your face. I won’t leave my life, not so you can go out and make your big shot discovery. Not this time. Figure out another way because what you propose isn’t going to be the way forward. Definitely not.

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Madman in Search of an Island 1 Act PlayIn the one-act eplay Madman in Search of an Island, husband and wife have a huge disagreement while on vacation over a career decision that will impact both their lives significantly.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Serio-comedy.

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