The Chain of Heredity

In The Chain of Heredity, Gregory talks to his ex-wife about how they lost time in showing their daughter Angie love and affection.

GREGORY: We can’t go back. We can’t make up for lost time, can we? We can’t. Time is a cruel teacher and it always gets the last laugh. Time just keeps on ticking, long after we’re gone, it continues to wake us up out from our ignorance, but always when it’s too late, always when we recognize the problem…how else will time have an impact on its message? There are others, like you, who don’t wish to hear it. You will go on ignoring the sounds of time until your dying breath. But me, I can’t, I won’t go out that way, not without making things right with Angie, not without righting my wrongs. I am not going to let time win. Not while I am alive! If there is a need, there is a chance and I wish to have my chance.

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The Chain of Heredity MiniIn the one-act ePlay The Chain of Heredity, Gregory has come to the painful realization that he never did enough to build his relationship with his daughter.  3 Characters.  Dark Humor/Drama.

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