Melting Away

In Melting Away, Brian does his best to suffer life on the beach under the scorching sun during a major heatwave.  

BRIAN: I tried. I like the beach. I do. I like it. I like the waves and the birds and the freakin’ dolphins and the sand in my ass, the sweat and the old ladies who flirt me with and I even like the umbrella surfer boys that give you the googly eyes and I definitely like this umbrella close to my face and body, melting me like an ice cube left out on a barby, just dripping until there is nothing left but a stain of what I used to be, a tormented angry little man who wanted to have a good time, take his girl out to the beach, get some vitamin D and enjoy some calamari and beer…but, as you can see, I am cooked. My brain has been in a toaster and there is no end in sight because I’ll be dead by the time the sun comes down. I’ll be the latest addition to the ghosts of Cape May, known as the visitor who faded into the heat and died.

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Melting Away Comedy PlayIn the one act comedy eplay Melting Away, Brian does his best to cope with the unnatural heat for his girlfriend Tira, but he might not be able to hold out much longer.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Comedy/Serio-comedy.

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