Steady Steel Blues

In drama monologue Steady Steel Blues, Herschel tries to answer a question for a terrible crime he committed.  

HERSCHEL: Well, that might be true, darling. If that’s what you believe to be true; behavior is a fascinating thing. We can observe someone and think they have ill intentions when they have nothing but good intentions, but our mind has the power to make us believe what we wish to create.

It’s like them history articles. Those articles I was telling you about…written by people who were never actually there but wish they were. With time, things get cloudy, and you never know if what you originally believed you saw is what actually happened. With time, you can change the past; you can make it whatever you want it to be; it doesn’t own you; you can change it, it isn’t constant. All that remains is how you marinate on it; that’s in your own damn control. You could make what happened your own Greek mythology; hell, I think you could rearrange the whole damn story into something you can justify in order to cope. You can even be your own hero if you so desire, but nothing is ever going to change the fact that that man would have taken both our lives, had I not taken his.

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Steady Steel Blues by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “Steady Steel Blues” Harla and Herschel are traveling thieves who get in over their head when Herschel commits a crime far beyond what they ever imagined possible.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama. Crime Drama.

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