Blue Skies, Golden Sunshine

In comedy monologue Blue Skies, Golden Sunshine, Norman is perplexed by the fact that he’s lived out the most perfect day of his life.

NORMAN: Curious. It’s been a curious day. I’m wondering why… (beat) Since early this morning, since I went outside to grab the morning paper, I saw our neighbor Bill, and he smiled and waved at me. He never smiles and waves at anyone. His dog didn’t choose to sh’t on our lawn today; instead, I watched it cross the street and sh’t on Emily’s lawn. I could have sworn the dog nodded at me while it was doing its business. (beat) The phone rang, and I rushed inside in order to answer it, before the ringing woke you. It was your mother; she told me how much she loved me. I cried quietly to myself after hanging up the phone. I went to my emails, and they were flooded with messages from co-workers congratulating me on random things like how I am always friendly, considerate, and helpful…that I am a hard worker.

When I arrived at work, Louie called me into his office and offered me a surprise promotion, which would help us invest in the pool we’ve always wanted, or perhaps that trip to Tahiti. Upon driving back home in rush hour traffic, the highway was clear, the sun was out, and it was Blue Skies, Golden Sunshine, like David Lynch describes. I went to the supermarket, and both customers and staff were extraordinarily eager to go out of their way to not get in my way. When I got to the register to checkout, I was engulfed in confetti and balloons and surrounded by a group of people taking photos of me because I had won a year’s supply of tuna. I thought, in that moment, that I’d play the lotto. Why not? I am home, pleased to share all this news with you, and the first words out of your mouth were to instruct me to the dining table…lasagna. My favorite food of all time. Although it seems to be the most magical day I will probably ever get to live out in my entire life, I am confused; worried, Alicia. How can everything be so good?

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Blue Skies Golden Sunshine by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Blue Skies, Golden Sunshine” Norman comes home to his wife after the most perfect day he has ever lived in all his life.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Comedy/Serio-comedy. 

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