Damn, That’s Sad Monologues

Damn, that’s sad monologues contain topics on love, physical beauty, flashbacks, trickery, bravery, hustle, charm, defeat and scare tactics.  MB’s free library of contemporary monologues consist of comedy/drama for adult/teen/kid 1-2-3 minutes long.

Damn, That’s Sad Monologues


  1. Second Look – CHER:  It hasn’t happened for quite some time.  I was thinking about this all day and it must have been years since I’ve ever felt that feeling…you know?
  2. White Tail Spider – WS: You like watching the scifi channel?  Well, I LOVE watching the scifi channel.  In fact, my preferred nickname is the white tail;
  3. Silent Treatment – M/F: What’s wrong?  …What happened?  Why you in such a mood?  You can’t talk to me?  Is it something I did?
  4. Addicted – MAN/WOMAN:  You’re so addicted to me, aren’t you? You can’t stop yourself from coming to see me, can you?
  5. On The Surface – KARA: Why am I different?  What’s different?  I’m not different…I‘m me.
  6. ResidueJENNIFER..I don’t feel like being funny…[scratches her neck] I don’t. DON’T! Don’t touch me right now—I’m sorry—I need my space;
  7. If My Inner Thoughts Could SpeakJALINE: If my inner thoughts could speak about you, here’s what I’d say…You were wrong about me.  You’ve strengthened me.  You fuel my passions, my fire, my energy.
  8. I Can’t Win – NELLA: I’m tired of him!  Who the hell does he think he is to insult me that way?  I cannot believe it Jeff.  I am the adult.
  9. The Perfect Person – MARSHA: I know I have issues.  But point to the person who doesn’t?  Are you the perfect person?  I resent the fact that you criticize me and judge me.
  10. Say It – TIANNA:  Say it…go on…say it.  Even though you didn’t say it, I still heard it.  I felt it reach the tip of your tongue but you thought better of it…didn’t you?
  11. Smile Pretty, Alice – ANITA: Smile pretty, Alice.  We both know one thing…the truth.  We both know what you’ve done.  We both know.


  1. Wartime Memories – XAVIER:  I was shipped out at a time when it was freezing outside.  We were all bunkered up in the mountains.
  2. Straight To The Nitty Gritty – NED: You see, I don’t ask questions, lad. Questions, bore me. I only ask one question but I don’t ask the question until I know for certain that you’re ready.
  3. Hungry Machine – CALVIN: This guy doesn’t quit!  He’s like a wound up hungry machine that doesn’t seem to have a turn off switch.  What motivates him?
  4. Army of Men – J: There’s an abnormal side to me…something I’ve always been aware of since I was a child.  Something deeply disturbing…when it comes to loving someone.
  5. Test Score – JESSE: The worst feeling in the world would come over me whenever I flunked a test. This wave of fear would blanket my skin. Whenever I didn’t make the grade, I knew I had shit to face at home…
  6. Henry and The Wizard – HENRY:  You keep on tryna dig through layers of who I am and all you’re reaching now is pure one-hundred percent bone.  There ain’t nothin’ left of me, Ellen.
  7. Funny Man – GREG: I don’t feel like being funny.  Is that alright with you?  I know you guys paid good money to get in here.  I don’t feel like being funny tonight.
  8. Any Given Day – HARRY:  You have this tendency to talk down at people, in order to make yourself the be all end all expert at something.
  9. Do It – S: You have a dream?  Then why are you just sitting there scratching yourself all day?  You want to be something?  It’s not going to happen on its own and by itself.
  10. Frame of Mind – MITCH: It’s a certain view; the way one thinks…that’s really it.  (pause.)  It’s the difference between a dumb man and a wise man.  You follow?  No?  Well, that’s okay.
  11. Since Back In Auborn – GEORGE:  Only way anybody gonna know ’bout life on the ranch is if you actually live it. That’s the truth.

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