Thought we had somethin’ goin’ on.

This is a drama scene for 2 women from the 1 act play, “Wonderland”.  Ronda is undecided as to whether or not she should leave town.

Lexi enters.

Lexi places money directly in Ronda’s hand.

LEXI: That’s twenty-five dollars, four beers and a pack of smokes you now owe me.

RONDA: You keepin’ score?

LEXI: Always keepin’ score.

RONDA: Thought we had somethin’ goin’ on.

LEXI: What does that mean?

RONDA: You and me.

LEXI: Don’t mean nothin’ to me when it comes to tappin’ into my assets.

RONDA: Assets? You call a couple a beers and a few smokes assets?

LEXI: Anything I part ways with.

RONDA: I’d give you the shirt off my back and wouldn’t expect anything in return.

LEXI: Should give me the sweater on your back, that’s mine too.

RONDA: You’re mean Lexi.

LEXI: I’m honest.

RONDA: But you’re still mean.

LEXI: Sometimes a person’s gotta be mean in order to be honest.

RONDA: You could say things nicely and still make your point.

LEXI: Not with you.


LEXI: Cause I know you.

RONDA: Yeah?

LEXI: Yep. Been what…three months?

RONDA: Feels longer.

LEXI: Mm-hmm.

RONDA: Three months…

LEXI: And you been nothin’ but a sponge.

RONDA: Cause I ain’t got nothin’!

LEXI: Nobody got anythin’. We all die with nothin’ anyway, so what’s the point. Not like we can take it with us.

RONDA: If that’s the case, then why you gettin’ all worked up?

LEXI: Because these things matter to a person while they’re alive and I’m still alive, ain’t I?

RONDA: Vinny wants me back at the club.

LEXI: I said don’t do it.

RONDA: (Shrugs her shoulders.) Gotta do somethin’.

LEXI: Thought you said you were takin’ the bus back home.

RONDA: Not now that the money’s in my hands.

LEXI: Then give it back.

RONDA: I’m undecided.

LEXI: If you ain’t goin’ then give me back my money.

RONDA: I don’t know what to do.

LEXI: You’re takin’ that damn bus!

RONDA: I don’t wanna go back home and I don’t wanna go back to the club, neither. I can’t stay on the street and you won’t let me stay at yours, so I’m all over. I got nowhere else to go tonight!

LEXI: Damn it girl…(Sitting.) Just damn it…

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Wonderland by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, ‘Wonderland’, Ronda borrows money from her co-worker Lexi in order to take a bus out of town but Lexi finds out that Ronda is considering staying at the club and continuing her relationship with Vinny.  2 Women.  Drama.

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