I ain’t no dreamer like you

Two best friends feel trapped in their town.  One is willing to break free, the other not so much, from the eplay, “Invisible Roads”.

WILLA: What d’you need a motorbike for anyway?

JUD: Man…it’s for a getaway.

WILLA: Getaway for what?

JUD: For livin’ my life, for future work I plan on doin’. I need mobility. Can’t afford no truck. Can’t borrow no car, stuck out here. Sh’t. Best thing I know is a motorbike. Get me a motorbike and I’m gone.

WILLA: Why’nt you just get a job?

JUD: Where my gonna get a job Will?

WILLA: (laughing) At the station.

JUD: (laughs) You stupid.

WILLA: (laughs) Still.

JUD: What I could rob in one minute take me a month to make.

WILLA: Yeah, yeah.

JUD: What you gonna do?


JUD: About your own dumb life.

WILLA: Sh’t.

JUD: You better figure it out.

WILLA: Get me some job.

JUD: Doin what?

WILLA: F’ck do I know man. What you keep askin’ me for?

JUD: Don’t you wanna have an IDEA?

WILLA: Out here there ain’t no IDEAS.

JUD: But still.

WILLA: Things we wanna do don’t get done Jud. I ain’t no dreamer like you. Sh’t. I just get through the damn day is all. Ain’t goin’ out robbin’ nobody neither.

JUD: But you need to do somethin’.

WILLA: I’m a smash you right in yo face you keep talkin’ like that about what I gotta do.

JUD: Chill. Chill.

WILLA: What I gotta do? There ain’t no escapin’ this place Jud. You come rollin’ up here twenty years from now, I still be here leaning against this old ass shed watching the paint flake off. What difference does any of it make?

JUD: I hate this sh’t.

WILLA: Me, too.

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Invisible Roads by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Invisible Roads, Jud tries to convince her best friend Willa to allow her to borrow her father’s gun, so she can rob money for a motorbike she wants to own.  2 Women/Teens.  Drama/Teen Drama.

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