10 Kickass Monologues for Teenage Guys

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Topics include military school, individualism, normality, financial struggle, robotics and more.

10 Kickass Monologues for Teenage Guys

WHAT’S YOUR DEAL?– Ron has been receiving shade from his longtime friend Cher.

INNER THOUGHTS – a spoken word styled monologue about haters and fighting for your dreams.

FIRED UP – Bryan talks to who he believes is a friend about why he keeps talking trash behind his back.

A HIGHER LEVEL OF TALK – Bart feels like a putz because he blew his chances with hooking up with a girl he likes.

FALSE REALITY – Vince is on a mission to discover the meaning of life.

MY FRIENDLY CONFESSION OF THE DAY – Romnie talks to his friend about how he always seems to be a good judge of people.

3 THOUSAND – Eric wants his mother to leave his stepfather because he is abusive.

MIND TRICK – trying to escape your own negative thoughts isn’t always easy to achieve.

WE WOULD HAVE A LOT IN COMMON – Jacob talks about how he never got to know his Grandfather but somehow still feels connected to him.

GROWING A FULL MUSTACHE – a funny look at a guy who keeps trying to grow a full mustache.

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