This Side of the Mississippi

In This Side of the Mississippi, Quinn sweeps the floor while Edie stands behind the counter reading a newspaper and sipping coffee.

QUINN: Go see for yourself. Clean as a whistle. I got every piece a crumb I could find. Inbetween them cracks, all between the steel and metal. All that slime. Which was nasty. Went through two boxes of latex gloves. My fingers are swollen and sore. Worked all that gunk out till my fingers gone soft. I even did the rubber mats multiple times. Out of boredom. Gave them a few run throughs. They look just as new as the first day they were brought in here. Brand new. Whens the last time you saw them rubber mats lookin’ like they belong on a fashion runway stage? Ha! Whatever you call those fashion show things, the CATWALK, that’s it! And Big Moe has disappeared. Ain’t seen him in days, no trackings, whatsoever. Not a single fingerprint of that fella anywhere in the place. I almost miss ’em. Kind ah…sort ah.

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This Side of the Mississippi MiniIn this one-act play script, Quinn’s entire life gets changed from the encounter of two wild lover criminals, Schelp and Que.

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