9 Acting Scenes for Two Men

Here are 9 short acting scripts for 2 men to be used for scene study practice, demo reels, short film projects or Youtube/Vimeo video uploads.  Topics covered are jealousy, careerism, backstabbing, hygiene, manners, affairs and more.

Acting Scenes for Two Men

  1. Imaginary, YOU (2 men) – WALDO gets a visit from his brother RALLYE and a serio-comic scene ensues.  Waldo, is stoned out of his mind.  He hasn’t let up in days.  He talks outloud to himself in a trance.
  2. Not Quite (2 men) – one man convinces another man to confess is cheating ways to his wife.
  3. Game (2 men) – Two friends have an argument about loyalty and trust.
  4. Weight of Laughter (2 men) – taking place in early cinema, a ‘laugh man’ gets interviewed in a surrealistic scenario.
  5. Sniff (2 men) – In this short comic scene for two male actors, BEN questions HARRY as to why he keeps sniffing his fingers.
  6. Dead Girl (2 men) – two friends try to figure out how to remove a dead woman from an apartment.
  7. Nitty Gritty (2 men) – two men who are part of their own Irish gang kidnap and plan on killing an enemy member from a rival gang.
  8. My Chianna ( 2 men) – a transporter makes his final delivery in exchange for money but a girl comes between the final deal.
  9. Launch Date (2 men) – a wealthy man talks to his butler about designing a rocket ship as a suicide plan.


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