Out There in the Wild, Safe From Responsibility

Drama scene from the one-act eplay The Handle of the Blade wherein the King reveals a secret heir to the thrown.   

KING LARNETH: ‘Tis not a curious thing my loins have bared no heir?

KNIGHT CHARLINGTON: Aye, aye sire, a curious thing indeed.

KING LARNETH: Aye. There are those who plan to slay me. Dost thou not think I am aware of such studious agenda? Aye. Aware. ‘Tis not a question of how but when. I do have a son.

KNIGHT CHARLINGTON (shocked): My Lord?

KING LARNETH: Shhh, ’tis true. Illegitimate. Out there in the wild, safe from responsibility.



KNIGHT CHARLINGTON: We must bring him to the fold.

KING LARNETH: Nay. I was a young man indeed, disguised myself and ventured into town alone for weeks on end…to touch the dirt, drink the spoiled water, absorb the taste of the air and swallow its meaning in thine heart, to laugh freely, openly, to fight verbally, physically, to sleep a hard sleep and rise with the morning sun, to run, to cry, to be human at last…to have fallen in love with the most precious face God has ever shown me. Love. Love….to love. She died upon giving birth to my only son…on that day he was cared for and given shelter, protection and invisible rank. What father have I become? How dost thou honor thine own blood?

KNIGHT CHARLINGTON: I cannot speak for these matters Lord.

KING LARNETH: As my comrade, if such seeds were planted in thou life, what action would thy take?

KNIGHT CHARLINGTON: King, it would mean the royal bloodline remains on the throne.

KING LARNETH: The King must think not of his Queen? The court? How does thy son form himself in such chaos? Would not my son hate his father? Would not the very fiber of this kingdom get torn limb from limb? Aye, it would! There are things nobler in the eyes of those watching than what is noble in the heart of man.

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