If he was thinkin’ of you, he would have thought otherwise.

Drama scene from play act, “Rock Solid” between Fritz (father) and Lara (daughter) discussing a life choice and better future.

FRITZ: I shoulda moved us out of this neighborhood when I had the chance. Now I gotta worry.

LARA: I like livin’ here.

FRITZ: I shoulda moved us, years ago. Had the chance, found that nice little house near the highway, was perfect for you and me, but I, I don’t know, I didn’t go for it like I should’ve.

LARA: You told me it was out in the sticks and the only company we’d have was bugs.

FRITZ (laughs): Yeah. Bugs and animals. It would have been too quiet.

LARA: Compared to all this action.

FRITZ: It’s the wrong kind of action, Lara. I wanna see you with somebody who has his head on his shoulders and is wise enough not to do stupid favors for the wrong people. You understand? We can’t have this..this sounds like the worst thing…no. Lara, no. He wasn’t thinking of you. If he was thinkin’ of you, he would have thought otherwise because you can’t take gambles like that. You need to see my point. Now he’s got a case against him?

LARA: There’s an investigation, so, I don’t know how it works.

FRITZ: He’s gonna have headaches. That’s how it works. You sure you want to be around somebody like that?


FRITZ: I’m not gonna tell you what to do, I never did and I’m not gonna start now. I’ve always supported your independence and allowed you to make your own decision because I always felt that by doing that, I would have a daughter smarter than I ever was…I hope I made the right decision as your father, giving you that.

LARA: You did Dad.

FRITZ: I hope so.

LARA: You did. I’m not gonna see him anymore.

FRITZ: That’s up to you.

LARA: NO, I don’t want to…even before we started talkin’. I knew.

FRITZ: That’s what I was hoping you’d say…these situations aren’t always easy to wiggle ourself out of…

LARA: What do you mean?

FRITZ: I mean, Roy’s hurt and he knows he did something stupid. He will do whatever it takes to keep you in his life…you will need to stand up to that.

LARA: I know.

FRITZ: So, if you are gonna make the decision not to be with him, make sure you’re rock solid. No halfway decisions. Life doesn’t give you what you want if you aren’t sure.

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