At The End of The Driveway

In At The End of The Driveway, Margaret encounters her ex-boyfriend who is out of prison and wants to see their son Charlie.

MARGARET: Daddy of what? What Daddy you been? Huh? I said, what Daddy you think you been? I ain’t seein’ no man I can call a Daddy. Charlie, Charlie ain’t ever gonna recognize you as his Daddy. Me! I’m his Momma and his Daddy. ME! You was gone even before you was locked up and gone. Ain’t never paid no price. Never no commitment, no, no, no concern in the world. You could sleep wherever and whenever you wish, cause you ain’t got a care in the world. Ain’t that right, DADDY? Not one care in this whole Godforsaken world. No worries during winter and we freezin’ up in here! No worries when I was out there pawning my stuff just so I had enough to feed our child. I ain’t never knew I could knit till I started knitting sweaters for that boy. Blankets! And now you back. Oh, boy. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dance around a fire! If you died right now in front of my face, I’d look at you no different than that bush you standin’ next to. And now you wanna give me some rehearsed speech about CHANGE…”Margaret, I’m a changed man.” (she laughs hysterically) Changed? You changed?? Ain’t nothin’ EVER gonna change you stupid son of a bitch. Ain’t nothin’ changin’ but the time that keeps on tickin’ with the same old story and the same old people livin’ in it. How you gonna change that? Show me! Show me how you gonna change THAT?!

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At The End of The DrivewayIn this one-act eplay, Jagger is fresh out of jail and wishes to see his son Charlie, but his ex-girlfriend Margaret gives him a hard time about it.

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