Something in the Macaroni and Cheese Bowl Moved

“Something in the Macaroni and Cheese Bowl Moved” is a funny scene for two coming from the from the one act play Fungus Among Us.

Alexa comes running back into the kitchen.

ALEXA: What is it? What?!

MARA: It moved. Something in the macaroni and cheese bowl moved.

ALEXA: Oh my God!

MARA: It was wiggling.

ALEXA: Wiggling? Like a worm?

MARA: Yes!! It was like an anaconda!

ALEXA: Cover it quickly!

MARA: I am not going near that thing.

ALEXA: We need to get rid of it before it crawls out from the bowl.

Mara screams again. Alexa screams with her.

MARA: It moved again! Hurry, get the trash.

Alexa grabs the trash can. Mara grabs for the broom.

Okay, I got it. You hold the garbage can under the counter and I will swat the bowl into it with this broom.

ALEXA: That’s your plan?

MARA: That’s all I got!

Alexa holds the garbage outward.

ALEXA: I’m afraid to get too close. What if you miss the garbage?

MARA: I grew up with three brothers, baseball was my life…I got this.

ALEXA: Oh my God!

MARA: Get closer! Closer to the counter. (beat) Okay, ready? Stay just like that…don’t move. Count of three…ONE…TWO…THREE!!

Mara swings the broom at the bowl on the counter and its contents splash all over Alexa’s shirt and face. Alexa freaks out screaming and running throughout the apartment in absolute panic..

While Alexa is running and screaming, Mara attacks the bowl with the broom and whatever she thinks is moving on the floor.

MARA: (coolly) I got it! Alexa, I got it, I got it. It stopped moving.

Alexa slowly creeps back toward the kitchen with a towel in her hand.

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