I’m never getting married.

Drama scene for 4 people from the one-act eplay, “Benny’s Got a Gun”.  After a physical conflict, an additional situation might break out.

JEROME: I told Frederick.

PIPER: What’d you tell him?

JEROME: I told him that you and Benny got into it and the reason why.

PIPER: I told you not to say sh’t.

JEROME: House rules.

PIPER: F’k the house rules.

JEROME: It’s house rules, Pipe.

CANDY (to Jerome): What did Frederick say?

JEROME: He wanted them both out.

PIPER: What?!

JEROME: I spoke to him.

PIPER: Benny’s to blame!

JEROME: I told him everything that happened, but he said –

PIPER: Where is he?!

JEROME: Hold on. I told Frederick that if you were kicked out, that we would all be leaving.

CANDY: I don’t want to leave.

JEROME: That’s what I told him.

PIPER: And? What did he say?

JEROME: He said he’ll think about it; he’ll tell us what he wants after he’s thought it over.

PIPER: (referring to Benny) That pig put his hands on me first.

JEROME: I know Piper. I explained everything to Frederick. (beat) How’s your arm?

PIPER: Twisted.

JEROME: Is it alright?

PIPER: I’m fine. (beat) How’s your…how’s your knee?

JEROME: I’ve had worse breaking you guys up before.

PIPER: Where is he?

JEROME: Benny left.

CANDY: He did?

JEROME: He threw his stuff in a duffle bag and left.

CANDY: He better not come back.

JEROME: He’s officially kicked out.

CANDY: I’m just saying –

PIPER: He can’t, ’cause I’ll break his a** again.

CANDY: I’ve got my knife.

BENNY enters.

BENNY (plainly): F’k you all.

PIPER (erupting): Get out Benny!!!

BENNY: I’m leaving. I just came back for one more thing. Go f’k yourself, dumb b’tch. Hate all of you.

JEROME: Just leave man.

BENNY: Shut up.

PIPER: You shut up PIG!

BENNY: Now you and Jerome here can raise your daughter Candy and be one great, big, happy family. You’ll need each other. (laughs)

Piper charges toward Benny.

Benny draws a gun.

I’ll shoot you dead in your ugly face. I’ll shoot you all dead in your ugly faces.
(beat) What? Not so tough now, are you? HUH?! (laughs)

Benny walks away.

Hope you all burn in hell.

CANDY (whispering): …I’m gonna follow him out. Make sure he goes this time. Lock things up.

JEROME: Be careful…

Candy leaves.

PIPER: …You’re not my husband.

JEROME (smiling) I know.

PIPER: I don’t want a husband.

JEROME: Neither do I.

Piper smiles at Jerome who smiles back.

PIPER: …I’m never getting married.

JEROME: You don’t have to.

PIPER: I’m not.

JEROME: Neither am I.

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Benny's Got a Gun by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Benny’s Got a Gun” Benny gets kicked out of the live-in warehouse for creating violence and Piper and Jerome form a closer bond due to the turmoil.  2 Women, 3 Men.  Drama.

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