You’re A Potato Head

You’re A Potato Head is a teen girl monologue. RONDA tries to convince her older cousin to go out of her house and explore what life has to offer.

(staring at her cousin on the couch)

RONDA: I can’t. I can’t. I just can’t with you. Where do I even begin? You are living in your own bubble. You don’t even see the outside world. Trapped in this way of thinking that keeps you ignorant and blind. Look at this place, it feels like a morgue!

Do you want to be blind to life? Is this why you don’t go out and try to experience new things?
You’re a potato head.

You need to travel, read, DEVELOP. Meet people, make conversation, try different kinds of food. Don’t settle for the couch and kitchen life. Get up and venture into doing something.

Grab yourself a hobby. Become part of a group. Anything other than watching time slip by and being a potato.

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Potato Head by Joseph Arnone

RONDA tries her hardest to get her cousin SARHA to go out with her and her friends on this one particular night.

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