11 Serious Voice Over Scripts for Actors

Voice Over Scripts are a creative platform for actors to practice voice over skills. 11 Serious Voice Over Scripts is a good place to find free scripts.

If you have never done an audio reading or are a seasoned professional, our scripts may be adapted to suit your needs for voice over practice.

Many creators use our original scripts and monologues to develop their own working projects or to practice owning their craft.  You can do the same.

We want to encourage you and inspire you with our voice over scripts to do the same.

11 Serious Voice Over Scripts for Actors

We would like to share with you some serious minded material below that we think may provide you with good material for practice reads.

Keep in mind that we have thousands of monologues and scripts for you to freely choose from and you are permitted to work on any of them as a voice over script for non-commercial projects.

All scripts shared below may be adapted as voice over scripts for your own creative endeavors.  Enjoy and have fun!

DAMNED IF I DO – Rina tries to keep her man from leaving the house to go help his constantly troubled brother.  Danger is on the horizon and this could end deadly.

PLACE YOUR BET – two high powered women face off with a major decision that can either make or break the company.

LET’S TAKE A WALK – this is a crime scripts with two guys.  Vito question Mario about a night club situation that resulted in violence.

MIDDLE GROUND – a dark minded corporate executive isn’t satisfied with losing against a weaker opponent.

GENUINE ARTICLE – Darleen has had the carpet ripped out from under her when her business partner took her half of the business away from her.

CHUTZPAH – Sandra is a troubled teen who strikes up a conversation with the local homeless lady.

LOWER YOUR VOICE – Pella notices her friend James’ behavior has changed and she makes an attempt at talking to him about his steroid usage.

DISTANCE BETWEEN US – a father and daughter who have never gotten along…the father is dying…is it too late to reconcile?

EL CAMINO DEL DIABLO – this short script has a few characters in in but can be alot of fun for voice over script work.

WEIGHT OF LAUGHTER – this script can also fall into dark humor but we couldn’t resist sharing it with you because both character in this piece are actually conducting a radio interview.

HIGHFLYING – two sisters talk serious business inside a funeral parlor…this script does have a touch of the humor to it but this can be a really good voice over script for two women.


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