Covering Distance

In Covering Distance, Judy talks to a stranger she met on a cargo train about how she feels she can do anything she puts her mind to.

JUDY: Everybody always thinks that just because you’re young, you ain’t grown up enough to do things older people can do. Wasn’t Mozart composin’ music since he was a child? There’s all kinds of wonder in kids ’round the world but they tend to get stuck, stifled, in order to fit in to society’s grand scheme of things. Hell, I go about my business th’ way I do, an’ venture to think I can create just about anythin’ my imagination lets me. If I wanna start playin’ piano, I’m a play that piano or, uh, if I wanna climb Mount Everest, you damn well bet I’m a climb Mount Everest or if uh, say, uh, if I wanna write a novel, I’m a write that novel. I think I have all kinds a qualities, an’ if I apply myself, well, the sky’s th’ limit, the only restrictions any of us ever have are th’ ones we imprison ourselves with and I don’t plan on ever being in any kind of jail, so that’s me in a nutshell.

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Covering Distance by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Covering Distance, teenager Judy and first time cargo train traveler Jack are two strangers who meet in New Mexico by chance and may have a positive impact on one another’s lives.  1 Female Teen, 1 Man.  Drama.

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