Did you always know you liked women?

In this drama scene, Betsy asks her daughter Harlene if she still doesn’t like boys from the one-act eplay, ‘Pressed Against the Road’.

HARLENE: It don’t matter cause I don’t like boys.

BETSY: That’s true. I’ve forgotten. That still holding up?


BETSY: You definitely don’t like boys?

HARLENE: I wouldn’t be caught dead with one, you know, dating one…no way.

BESTY: Okay, just asking.

HARLEN: You said you don’t mind it.

BETSY: I don’t.

HARLENE: So, why you asking me about it then?

BETSY: Can’t I ask?

HARLENE: You can.

BETSY: I already told you, emphatically, you can love whomever you desire in this great big world of ours.

HARLENE: Why are you so agreeable all the time?

BETSY: I’m agreeable because I know what it feels like to be met with opposition.

HARLENE: Ha! Well, it doesn’t seem like it, seems like you always do what you wanna do.

BETSY: It hasn’t always been like this. My whole life I’ve taken up arms to fend off trouble. Ever since I married and divorced your father..it was then that I realized I wouldn’t be much good to myself or you if I didn’t stand up for my own set of beliefs and live life how I needed to live it.

HARLENE: Did you always know you liked women?

BETSY: I believe I did, but those emotions got pushed far down where no one could see them and I thought by fitting in, by being part of the crowd, I’d be happy, wouldn’t have such urges and for a minute or two it worked…forgot my true self…

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Pressed Against the Road by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Pressed Against the Road, Betsy’s 18 year old daughter Harlene has met someone she likes for the very first time.  2 Women.  Drama.

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