Paper Ink, Flesh Bone

In drama monologue “Paper Ink, Flesh Bone” Richard speaks to his wife about the truth of the financial trouble they are in.



I have to, you have to please allow me to explain…I have, I’m not…(He drinks his wine and calms himself.) (He sits and loosens his tie.) …Come, sit, please, it’s time you knew the truth.

Hannah sits.

Years ago, when I was in town, I happened to visit the local church on a whim. I had some time and decided, why not light a candle? Upon leaving the church, I ran into Stanley Warrick. In our discussions that followed, he proceeded to share with me a scheme. There was a certain partnership in New York that was in need of investment for real estate. I trusted Stanley and after wearing me down for a few months, I relented and gave in. I parted with a substantial amount and saw increased returns over a six-month period. This continued on for two years, wherein each time I would give a larger sum of capital, my return on the investment would increase. During the third year, that all changed. I took out the largest sum and nonchalantly threw it into this so-called real estate scheme, when all along I was being led to financial ruin.

Stanley Warrick was a stand-in for a notorious gangster who goes by the name of Fritz..err, well, I rather not say his full name to you dear. What matters is that the money I was sending was going to bootlegging and God knows what else, rather than real estate.

I later found out that this Fritz fellow was murdered, and the new takeover squandered all my money and wiped me out.

Now, in order to survive, we had nothing left, mind you..I turned to Henley Wellington. We struck a deal. His son James is to marry our daughter in exchange for shares in a legitimate business wherein we own seventy percent. Henley of course has no idea of my financial stress but think of it Hannah, everything will be restored, so long as Delilah marries James Wellington. There is no other way around this, and not much is left for further discussion.

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Paper Ink Flesh Bone by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Paper Ink, Flesh Bone” Richard tries to have his daughter Delilah meet and marry James Wellington not out of love but out of necessity to keep the family from financial ruin.  2 Women, 1 Man. Drama/Family Drama.

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