Exit Door

In Exit Door, Janice tries to come to grips with not getting accepted into any college she applied for and is confused about her future.

JANICE:  I don’t get how some people seem to have it all figured out. I have absolutely nothing figured out. You know what I do have? A stack of rejection letters from schools I’ve applied to; makes sense cause my grades suck. No shocker there. Even if one of them did take me on I have no idea what my interests are anyway. Totally lost. Everything feels pointless to me. (sighs) It’s not like I come from a family with money regardless, so…even if I did, what difference would it make going to college? Besides, I’ve never been the school type. Lucky I’m even graduating…but, what comes after?

…You ever look at the way people move in this world? What goes through everyone’s mind…you ever stop to wonder? Why does it matter?

We just accept things, don’t we? We accept being born into our family and making the friends we make and growing up where we grow up and we accept having to get a job and pay bills and date and whatever else is put in front of us. We go with the flow, don’t we?

…I want to know the undiscovered. There has to be something else. There has to be a way out of all this common crap. Don’t you think? Don’t you ever want to…I don’t know…exist differently?

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Exit Door by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Exit Door, Janice is confused and depressed about her future and she turns to her best friend Sora about it.  2 Women.  Drama/Teen Drama.

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