15 Best License-free 1 Act Plays for High School

15 Best License-free 1 Act Plays for High School provides students and teachers royalty-free play scripts for performance and drama practice.

Monologue Blogger is a performing arts resource for drama teachers and acting creatives.  We publish new play scripts each week and serve the education community by offering our play material license-free for schools.

We invite drama teachers and acting students to search through thousands of our free scripts, monologues, and plays in our archives to find the content you need.

The 15 plays shared here may be used for stage production at no cost.  Only attribution for the author and/or Monologue Blogger website is necessary.

15 Best License-free 1 Act Plays for High School

CHECKING IN – After Rob’s mother died, he keeps his promise to her by finding his father and speaking to him for the first time in his life.

SEE ME – Alina is a young woman with the desire to be an actress but countless drama school reject her auditions.

GONE TOO SOON – a grim look at the reality Tarva must face not only taking care of her kids but her father as well.

THOSE DAYS ARE OVER – Marsha has a o at her sister Emily for accusing of her laughing.

MOMMA, I’M NO FOOL – Daphne is finally going to meet her biological father for the first time and she hopes it’s not going to be a big mistake.

DON’T LEAVE ME WITHOUT MUFFIN – Ginger is caught in the act of running away from home.

DUST IN OUR EYES – Dean gives his friend Paula advice based on his own life experience.

ACID TASTE – Three teenagers hang out at a toxic lakeside when one of them dares the other to go for a swim.

15 Top License-free 1 Act Plays for High School

OTHER SIDE OF THE CHASM – Chad has always felt like an outcast despite all the effort he’s made to make more friends.  He confides in his only friend Lia.

THE PIT OF MY STOMACH – Nina lives with her father from place to place on a regular moving basis until she finally sets him straight on how she feels and what she wants.

TREAT ME DIFFERENT – Marshall is having an internal battle within himself over his true identity and he turns to his father, wishing he could somehow speak to him about how he feels.

ONE-WAY  CONVERSATION – Bella and her mother always seem to have  a wall placed between them whenever they try to communicate about important things.

LITTLE CREATURES – Abby’s hobby is making dolls that she invents from her imagination.  They become her friends and are real to her, so real in fact that she has conversations with them.

TRUE CALLING – Charla is at a crossroads between giving up on her dreams and settling in life or finding the courage to keep fighting for what she believes in.

WHISPERS OF TREES – Nate has always felt like whatever he does is never enough for his family, his ambitions are always kept to a minimum of enthusiasm from his parents.

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