Acid Taste

In Acid Taste, Chizel confronts Dawn about the challenge she gave their friend Tiffany to swim out to a buoy in a toxic lake.

CHIZEL: What if she swam till she couldn’t swim no more? What if she wanted to die? She be tellin’ me somethin’ serious. She told me some things about her moms. She tol’ me she be dealin’ with some heavy..maybe it got too much. Can’t be. But, maybe. She a strong girl though. Ain’t she? Ain’t she a strong girl? …Her moms be crazy though. Maybe what you did was too much. She shouldn’t have been tested. She shouldn’t have gone swimmin’! I said this! You never listen, Dawn. You always think you the smartest one cause you do what you do, but that don’t make you smart. You ain’t smarter than me. That’s why you couldn’t get me to swim out there like that. Couldn’t pay me. Cause I ain’t stupid. Talkin’ ’bout the acid taste when we all forget about how tired we get from the swim alone…(looking out at the lake) wait…yo…I see, I see something!…YEAH, I think I see Tiff’s head. That’s Tiffany! She’s swimming back!

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Acid Taste MonologueIn the one act eplay Acid Taste, Tiffany is out swimming in a contaminated lake, while her two best friends Chizel and Dawn look on.  2 Women.  Drama.

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