Those Days Are Over

In Those Days Are Over, Marsha defends herself against her sister Emily’s outburst, which causes things to erupt between them. Will this end well?

MARSHA: The only difficult one is you. You have problems. I was in the living room, with the door closed, and I was deliberately talking quietly because I already knew you’d make a fuss.

Sure enough, you created a controversy over the fact that I was having a laugh with one of my friends. It bothers you. My happiness bothers you.

You’re the one who can go upstairs for your studies. Why should I? If you have work to do, you should go to your own bedroom, lock the door and do your work.

I shouldn’t be inconvenienced and neither should mom and dad.

That’s what you do, that’s how you function, you make trouble for everyone else over the slightest matter, when it’s you, you’re the one who is busy making a big stink about everything, when nobody cares…I have news for you, Emily, NOBODY CARES about your drama.

We’re all going to go on living our lives, ignoring your stupid drama.

So shout, argue, do whatever you wish to do, but just know it won’t get you anywhere with me.

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Those Days Are OverIn this one-act ePlay, Emily and Marsha find violence in their sisterhood before they can find solace. Can this be a start to a new bond?

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