Little Creatures

In Little Creatures, Abby tries to get her mother to help her with her puppet creations, hoping that maybe it can bring them closer together.

(Abby talks to her puppet)

ABBY: She’s always clueless, you know? You see how she is with me. I think she’s more afraid of me than anything else. She goes on about being close and being friends but there’s something distant about her, she’s always taking a step forward and then two steps back. Notice that? Notice how she always seems to be hiding something? It’s odd and yet she talks about me being weird. I don’t think I’m all that strange. Am I? I like being the way I am and spending time with my creations. It’s like you are all becoming my family. Just once I wish for my mother to take an interest in what I’m doing. It would mean so much to me, but I don’t think that fantasy will ever come true.

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Little Creatures MiniIn the one-act eplay Little Creatures, Abby makes puppets from scratch that have a life of their own and provide for her friendships that her mother begins to worry about.  Drama.  Fantasy.  2 Women, 1 Little Creature.

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