Becky’s Night Out

Serio-comedy teen monologue from Becky’s Night Out, Becky vents to her parents about how cruel they are for making fun of her date.

BECKY:  You’re both so superficial, it’s lame. Neither of you give a damn about my feelings, let alone Gino’s. All because he has big ears? Who cares? Is that all either of you think about? Looks? Constantly making fun of everyone. It’s like that’s the only dialogue that exists around here. Why don’t you both look in the mirror? Change! Be better people. You make yourselves look trashy. If you’d look past his ears, you’d see a soft-hearted, intelligent, hard-working, and ambitious guy. He works at the pizzeria to pay for his own schooling. Do you know that? He does it all on his own! I respect that. He doesn’t come from a family that can pay his tuition, but he wants to be a doctor; that’s his dream, and he’s going after it, and he will be a doctor because he has the brain to be one! And all you both talk about is his freaking ears. His ears! And you do this with everyone. Always nitpicking in the most infantile ways! It’s ridiculous. I don’t care if he has big, flappy ears. I don’t care what either of you think of him. I’ve liked him from the moment I met him and I don’t want your opinion!

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Becky's Night Out by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Becky’s Night Out” Becky misses out on her first date with Gino because her parents were too busy poking fun at him.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Seriocomedy.

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