It angers me to remain quiet

Fabian turns to Father Del Henney for help regarding a life and death matter in this drama scene taken from, ‘A Decent Man’.

FABIAN: Remember that time we took my dad’s car out in the night while he was asleep? (laughs) Fourteen years old, we went cruising in the city, ended up lost in Brooklyn somewhere. We asked that woman for directions and she started offering herself up to us and I drove the car straight into the fire hydrant.

FATHER DEL HENNEY: (laughs) The car was stuck on top of the fire hydrant with the water line exploding everywhere. We were drenched.

FABIAN: Soaking wet when we arrived at the precinct. My dad shows up and he was ready to murder us.

FATHER DEL HENNEY: But when he looked us over he started to laugh.


FATHER DEL HENNEY: We ruined his car but he took pity on us.

FABIAN: (drinks) (offers more to Father Del Henney who takes a swig and hands it back to Fabian)

FATHER DEL HENNEY: You see Fabian, that’s what we hold on to. That’s what gets us through.

FABIAN: It’s hard to steer my thoughts. You ever get tempted?

FATHER DEL HENNEY: Tempted? I’m always undergoing temptation, on various things…don’t you think I wouldn’t love anything more than to get back in your car with you, drive over to those people you talk about and take matters into our own hands? I would be lying to you if I played the part of a saint. I have thoughts that creep into my mind as well, I am only human, but it’s how I manage those thoughts, the good I believe in, the strength of my convictions, that I am able to remain disciplined. You aren’t a bad person, never have been. You have feelings just like the rest of us. It’s normal. Acting on those feelings is where you draw the line and take your own set of beliefs into account. You must never go against your own true morale. You haven’t and I believe you never will. I know it’s not easy. I understand, but I have faith in you.

FABIAN: Do you?

FATHER DEL HENNEY: Of course I do.


FATHER DEL HENNEY: You said so yourself, we’ve known one another since we could walk and talk.

Fabian breaks down.

FATHER DEL HENNEY: I’ve learned that it’s okay to question things Fabian, to doubt ourselves, to make honest’s okay. Let it go. Let it all go.

FABIAN: …It angers me to remain quiet.

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