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Here are more of our popular original monologues that you can have a look at with a brief description next to the title of the monologue.  We have shared here 36 Monologues in drama and comedy for male and female actors.



  1. All Of A Sudden – VICKY talks to her boyfriend about how he doesn’t listen when she needs him to really listen.
  2. The Signing – In this monologue, Eliza talks to her best friend about whether or not she should sign a prenuptial agreement.
  3. Protective Shield – In this monologue, Rita talks to her friend about how she has a difficult time opening up to people she cares about.
  4. Contents Flammable – In this monologue, Nora talks about the tragic events that unfolded with her daughter. She speaks to a group of people in a therapy session.
  5. Beautiful Day – In this monologue, Linda talks to a stranger in a park about her physical appearance.
  6. White Tail Spider – A female serial killer doing what she does best….preparing herself for the final phase with her latest victim.
  7. Dark Side of My Moon – In this monologue, KIMALE talks to a friend about how he/she struggles with two sides to their personality.
  8. Can I Be A Mother? – In this monologue, REBECCA talks to her friend about the possibility of becoming a mother for the first time.
  9. Going Vegan – TIFFANY justifies her reason for choosing a vegan diet.


  1. Henry and the Wizard – In this monologue, HENRY tells his wife that he is just an average man. Wizard is their dog, who happens to have a recovering broken leg.
  2. Wrong Side of the Tracks – BERNARDO visits an elderly rich woman on her estate.  As the story goes, when he was a younger man struggling to survive, he had asked this woman, Mrs. Emily for a loan to start a business.
  3. Where’s My Lasagna? – VITO talks to a recruit about having someone removed.
  4. One Of The Good Guys – CARLSTON goes off on a journalist who wrote a major cover story about him, reporting false allegations.
  5. Straight to the Nitty Gritty – In this monologue, NED speaks with a heavy Irish accent.  He’s the guy you don’t want to wake up to while being strapped to a chair.
  6. Challenged – In this monologue, GREGORY talks to his girlfriend about his own peculiar challenge when it comes to fulfilling personal goals.
  7. Final Film Reel – In this monologue, J talks about how there are life images he would like to have played back to him as a highlighted film reel of his life, when it’s his time to pass.
  8. Good Manners – FAGEN talks to his digital voice recorder, which he keeps as his personal journal, about his latest experiences with his girlfriend.
  9. Bendable – In this monologue, teacher MR. WILSON talks with his students about the possibility of bringing forth the physical existence of something from one’s imagination.



  1. Just For Laughs – Jane is sitting around a kitchen table having coffee and cake with her closest friends.  The women all share stories of teasing and playing practical jokes on their children.  Jane shares a recent story of a joke she played on her son unbeknown-st to him.
  2. Phone Calls – Meagan talks to her girlfriend over lunch about her frustration over the games guys play when it comes to making the first call. 
  3. Underwhelm – This is a dark humor monologue that explores a woman who is numb to life.
  4. Just One Thing – Jane talks to her girlfriend about how she can’t stand her boyfriend farting all the time.
  5. Gangster Grandma – GANGSTER GRANDMA talks to her Grandson about whacking one of her long time friends after bingo.
  6. The Girls – Dana is listening to her girlfriend’s new love interest with hidden disgust and apparent loneliness.
  7. Ready, Aim, AIM – ROSE talks to her boyfriend about being more considerate when he urinates “partially” into the toilet bowl.
  8. Dog Anxiety – Raquel stops over her neighbors in her apartment complex building. She tells her of the terrible creature of a dog she has been babysitting for another friend.
  9. Little Critters – Sarah is doing her “data entry” work at her job. She sits in her tiny cubicle when she notices a bug moving on top of her keypad. To say that she is scared of bugs is a huge understatement. She is petrified of bugs.


  1. There He Is – PETE talks about how annoying his co-worker Andrew is and how he is caught in a world of inner turmoil over it.
  2. Nutter – POP talks to his wife about the nutter their daughter is dating.
  3. Side Effects – DOCTOR OSVALD KNICKERBOCKER is a German Doctor who has flown overseas to warn Americans of a new approaching epidemic.
  4. Upon My Return – Sir Walter Walter speaks to his Lord about killing captured defiers of the throne and stopping afterwards for some Burger King.  
  5. YO – KIRBY is having a really bad day and it gets worse when one of his workers calls him “yo” instead of by his real name.
  6. Average Asshole – An OWNER of a manufacturing company fires an employee, but first tells him what an asshole he is.
  7. Medium – This is a comedy monologue about a man who imagines himself being 6’5 when in reality he’s about 5’8.
  8. Public High – about a guy who goes outside his apartment for the first time, while stoned out of his mind.  He is accompanied by his weed expert girlfriend.
  9. Sack and Crack – BRUCE calls his friend with an emergency regarding his most precious jewels.

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