Lost and Found

In Lost and Found, Kimmie talks to her best friend Jarla about how she feels lost and lacks any real direction in life.

KIMMIE: You ever feel like you want to forget yourself completely and start on a new life? Erase your name, your face, your past…start fresh with a new identity. To create your own narrative, events that shape your life, meaning…instead of this regular, boring life you’ve been given. How do I escape it? Where do I find the path that will take me away from everything and lead me to where I want to go? …I think about Tom, how he lived out his short life. If he weren’t so full of adventure, maybe he would have died an old man, but he lived, didn’t he? He really lived, almost like he knew in some strange way he was going to die young…I wish I had the courage he had. I hate him for it. Hate him for going all in and being willing to die to live, when I can’t even get up in the morning on time to go to school. I should have asked him, I should have spoken to him about what he was after…like, why was he always smiling? And wasn’t it true that whenever he smiled, you’d find yourself smiling, too?

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Lost and Found MiniIn the one act eplay Lost and Found, Kimmie is trying to come to terms with who she is as a person after the painful loss of a friend named Tommy.  2 Women.  Drama.  Coming of Age.

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