11 Scripted Scenes For Two Person Actors – COMEDIC

Are you searching for a comedy acting scene or script?  MB produces contemporary acting material for auditions, classroom study and actor demo reels.

11 Scripted Scenes For Two Person Actors

  • BASKET CASE – two female actors – A mother and daughter encounter a death in the family.
  • SNIFF – two male actors – What happens when one friend accuses the other of something entirely gross?
  • COMMON PRACTICE – two female actors – a twisted scenario where a neighbor gives a lesson on how to control your husband.
  • EATING MONSTER MACHINE – two male actors – In this short comic scene, BILL complains to his friend JOEL about his slob like eating habits.
  • THE HANDLER – 1 woman, 1 man – FRISK is a hit man and in this scene his girlfriend HELENA finds out for the first time.
  • SHRIBBLE – 1 woman, 1 man – In this short comic scene, VALERIE and FRANK discuss how their switch to going vegan has been working out.
  • DEVIL IN MAN’S EYE – 1 woman, 1 man – MARV stares out of a living room window, watching a young teenage boy take swing after swing with a baseball bat.  PATTY enters carrying a tin can.
  • LESS SOAP, MORE BLOOD – 1 woman, 1 man – A scene between an actress and her agent.
  • UPON MY RETURN – 2 men –  A short comedy sketch based on old nobility in England, hundreds of years ago that raises the question, What if there was a Burger King?
  • LITTLE PETEY – two male actors – One friend confesses to the other friend that he’s got a small ‘package’.
  • HAROLD’S EAR – 1 woman, 1 man – REBECCA helps her UNCLE HAROLD get a piece of cotton out from inside his ear.

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