Top 15 Short One-Act Plays for Auditions

This selection of 15 short one-act plays for auditions is provided to you as original source material.  You may use the material for scene study class.

Top 15 Short One-Act Plays for Auditions

MEDIUM – Derek doesn’t want to be considered small and he puts up a stance against his girlfriend over it.

WASTED TALENT – Donnie discusses the loss of one of his best friends growing up.

FUNGUS AMONG US – Alexa confronts her roommate Mara about how filthy and disgusting she keeps their apartment.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS – Drizzle wants to see Frank make good on the opportunity he has in his life.

COMFORT ZONE – Lara wants to see her boyfriend spend more time outside the house.

INNER CORE – Shelly talks to her Doctor about seeking new wave treatments for her problems.

KILLING YOU – a serial killer plays with their victim but this isn’t the usual scenario they are used to.

Top 15 Short One-Act Plays for Auditions

RATHER BE A MAN – Kim is so fed up with how badly men treat her as early as their pick up line.

MIND TRICK – a teen tries to come to terms with their twisted mental thoughts.

DARK PLACE – Jeffrey is an actor who suffered a traumatic mental breakdown and has now made an asylum his home of homes.

TREAT ME NICE – Corinne cares for her ill mother at home but has reached the point of demanding more love and respect.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita talks about how she always feels bottled up with her emotions and finds it difficult to express herself.

I’M NOT WHO I USED TO BE – Billy tries to defend himself for having changed as a person and not holding on to who he used to be.

BEAUTIFUL DAY – Linda wants to feel more beautiful on the outside but a stranger sheds some light on her self-esteem.

INTO THE COLD NIGHT AIR WITH YOU – Linda finds that the man she loves has been cheating on her with her best friend.

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