In this teen girl monologue, MICHELLE confronts her sister about how she is always the cause of drama in their family and how she wants it to stop.

MICHELLE:  That’s all you want, isn’t it? That’s what you do, it’s why you always create drama in this family.  Attention!  You’re just never happy unless the world is talking about you. You can’t live without creating some kind of drama so everyone can be thinking about you and that makes you happy.

Why are you so sick in the head?  Why?  Why can’t you just be normal and not be so crazy like that?  It’s freaky and weird and there are better things you could do for people to think of you.  Do some good stuff once in a while and I bet you will not only get everyone thinking about you but you will also feel good about yourself for a change.

Don’t you want that?  Don’t you want to feel good about yourself?

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Michelle and Marsha try to come to terms with what they feel isn’t the greatest of families.  This one act play covers love, trust and acceptance.

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