17 Badass Female Characters

17 Badass Female Characters that are sure to get your blood pumping. These women stand for something, have a strong point to make and just keep it real.

17 Badass Female Characters

Darling Face Female Monologue

Darling Face – Beverly is not having a good day and this is her relentless response to her husband asking, “How was your day?”

Smile Pretty, Alice – a monologue about having your neighbor get in your ‘business’.

Spirit Forward – this monologue explores encouragement for a loved one’s desires.

Going, Going, Gone – a Mother is reaching her breaking point with her family and is seriously considering leaving.

Sly Statements Female Monologue

Sly Statements – this monologues explores how some people like to give indirect insults rather than be blunt.

Stand Up – a friend tries to stop another friend from committing suicide.

Protective Shield – this monologue talks about self-worth and angels.

Nelly’s Dream – a Mother shares her dreams and hope with her son while they struggle financially to survive.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees – a mother isn’t willing to buy her daughter a cellphone.

Breaking Through – a Mother does all that she can to connect with her son’s sarcastic brilliancy.

Walk Me To The Door – a daughter faces the final end to a Mother she never felt loved her.

Treat Me Nice – Connie never sees eye to eye with her mother but deep down she genuinely wishes she could.

Contents Flammable Female Monologues

Contents Flammable – sometimes horrific accidents happen and we blame ourselves.

Spring Fling – just a summer thing, nothing more.

Words That Were Spoken – this piece talks about betrayal and honesty in friendship.

There Is Only Here and Now – we all know that life is short…why sit on the things that matter most?

White Tail Spider – WS is preparing and getting ready to go all in on her latest catch.

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