Paris Balcony

In drama monologue Paris Balcony, Camille turns her back on Artaud’s affections for her because she wants no permanent attachments.

CAMILLE:  In that way? No. You’re not my type. Definitely not. Which is probably why I’m interested as to why I brought you here. You are very different from what I’m used to–the men I have been steady with. For starters, you are unkempt.

You don’t dress so nice; not that vintage isn’t a good look, but your clothing is much too tattered for my taste. You look more like a street dweller than a person of distinction.

You might be handsome, and the glint in a young man’s eye has always been intriguing. But your teeth are starting to turn yellow, your eyes are sad, and your posture is awful. You are a dying flower that needs watering, and I do wish to help you; however, you are difficult. Too difficult for a woman of my age to take seriously.

In regards to anything serious, it is not possible with me, Artaud. I am a woman who has a different schedule than most, and I can’t be looking after young men. I have my own troubles to attend to. I can’t be responsible for much more than that. I suggest you keep those fantasies of yours on a reasonable level. Besides, you’re here on business, aren’t you?

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Paris Balcony by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Paris Balcony” Artaud has been flown to Paris from New York in order to perform a service for Camille.  However, things take a turn when Artaud reveals his sincere feelings for her instead and his apparent unwillingness to fulfill his service.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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