Eye of the Whale

In Eye of the Whale, Gene revisits a story about a humpback whale he encountered on a wooden raft out on the open sea.

GENE: Ahh, there it is, finally, the good ole stare into the glass to see what’s at the bottom…and what is it? I know what’s at the bottom. I’ve been to the bottom of the sea…I was on a wooden raft for three weeks once; about one hundred miles off the coast of Bermuda. During that time I survived on canned beans and rainwater…and I said my goodbyes…but, it all changed you see…as fate would have it, a humpback whale visited me on the seventh day. At first I thought he’d make a meal of me, but instead he became my companion. Day or night, he swam slowly by my side, never once abandoning me. We’d talk for hours, keeping each other company from one day into the next. I would tell him all about my life, my wrongs, my rights and I felt him listening…his eyes were the most truthful eyes I’d ever known…that was until I realized who they reminded me of…Bella…

Bella’s eyes have always been the most magnetic pair of eyes you could ever be lucky enough to experience…eyes that were deep with understanding…knowing. Well, once that realization came over me, I was gone, gone with all my lies and sorry for all my mistakes. I shared my heart with my new sea friend ’cause I had nothing else to lose but my integrity and I fought for every inch of it on the open sea by sharing every mistake and asking for a second chance so that I can ask you again Bella, just once more, so that I may ask you for your forgiveness, for all that I’ve done. I didn’t stop fighting for you Bella, right until my sea friend swam me back to land and you can believe me or not but the truth is, I stand here before you a changed man. (he drinks from his shot glass)

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Eye of the Whale by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Eye of the Whale, Gene shows up at his local bar after years of being out of town and out of touch.  While revisiting his past he shares a story about a humpback whale that parallels his relationship with the only woman he’s ever loved.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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