You Are Far From Sober Girl

Pina comes to her friend’s rescue after receiving a late night call and this scene takes place in Pina’s car from the play Day Follows Night.

PINA drives.

PINA: I think up ahead is the boulevard, I see a wider road…I think that’s the right way I came from. Sh’t.

PINA looks over at TYRA.

You okay?

TYRA: Sober.

PINA: You are far from sober girl.

TYRA: You came for me.

PINA: Yes.

TYRA: Why?

PINA: Why what?

TYRA: You come for me?

PINA: Who else you got?

TYRA: Nobody.


TYRA: You.

PINA: Yep.

TYRA begins laughing.

PINA: What’s so funny?

TYRA explodes with laughter now.

PINA starts laughing with her.

BOTH women have a laughing fit together.

TYRA: (sadly now) I stabbed the b’strd.

PINA: What??

TYRA: David the b’strd.

PINA; You did WHAT?

TYRA: (IRISH BROGUE ACCENT) I stabbed him in his thigh with a butcher’s knife. I said, “Hey f’ckr, you gonna put your hands on me, well HERE-YOU-GO!” (gesturing) Stab! Like that.

PINA: Oh my God, you didn’t.

TYRA: I did. I did.

PINA: Tyra, did you really–

TYRA: Stabbed him till I hit bone, till I couldn’t go any deeper with the blade and I left. I didn’t run. I didn’t fuss. He screamed his head off and I laughed in his face and walked out free from him. (beat) End of that relationship, I guess.

PINA: Well, yeah!

TYRA: That’s what I call a break up..

PINA: What if he calls the police on you?

TYRA: He knows better.

PINA: What if he tries to hurt you?

TYRA: He knows better about that too.

PINA: Are you—did you get hurt at all?

TYRA: Not anymore.

TYRA stares out window.

PINA: Oh, baby…

TYRA: Not anymore.

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