Rose to Ash

In Rose to Ash, Aggie releases her feelings out to her Uncle Burt because she can’t take living life the way it exists anymore.

AGGIE:  Maybe I’ll get some crack dust sprinkled on me as I step off the front stoop, or maybe I’ll catch the smells of piss and beer as I enter the corner deli. Where’s the dimes Burt? I’ll scrape them up, find the cheapest bottle I can get my hands on. And what then, wrestle less till the mornin’? Will the air taste sweeter then, one last goodbye until they see the last of me? I’m chokin’! Chokin’ on it all, f’k do you care! You never cared about a damn thing, none of you did, none of you, all of you, I see it all, your lies, they creep up and around these walls, shadows everywhere…their faces, what did they leave Burt? That’s why I need to get out of this place, just ain’t for me anymore…

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Rose to Ash by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Rose to Ash, Aggie reaches the final peak of her existence under the neglectful eye of her Uncle Burt, her legal guardian, who doesn’t seem to care about her at all.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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Joseph Arnone