Where Can Filmmakers Find Short Film Scripts?

If you are a filmmaker searching for your next story project for a short film, Monologue Blogger provides an abundance of short scripts.

We have been fortunate to help many budding and professional filmmakers around the world advance their craft and career.

Shared below are some of our most recent one-act plays we invite you to adapt into a short film.  The play scripts shared here have a running time of about ten minutes plus, depending on interpretation.

You are welcome to use the material shared here for non-commercial purposes, however, if you would like to develop one of our scripts for commercial use, you may send your proposal to: [email protected]  We are always happy to work with filmmakers.

You are also welcome to alter the script to suit your needs to the medium of film.

We share a list of scenes taken from the one-act plays below, to give you the feel for tone, character and atmosphere.  These are budget friendly scripts.

Where Can Filmmakers Find Short Film Scripts?

ACHE AND MOAN – Carlotta ran away from home and made friends with hustler Kendra in order to learn how to survive on the streets.

LITTLE FISH – a curious look into the lives of a married couple coping in a strange post-apocalyptic world.

DON’T LEAVE ME WITHOUT MUFFIN – A look into the relationship between a mother and daughter caught during the act of a daughter fleeing home and all that’s left standing between this relationship is a rag doll named Muffin.

JEF – is a scifi script in one location that takes place between a woman and her robot boyfriend.

NOBODY CARES – a short comedy about a couple entering a retail shop and narrowly escaping before being forced to purchase something.

10 Short Film Scripts for Filmmakers

BURNING FLOWERS – A woman who feels she wasn’t designed to have a children does and the repercussions she tries to manage in order to function.

A SHADE OR TWO DARKER – takes place during the 1800’s within the confines of a small three person family.  The story is about racism between a son and his parents.

EVEN THE COLOR BLUE – a young man finally decides to come out to his parents only to find out that his father is gravely ill.

NIGHT OF THE PARTY – a couple has a major argument before leaving their home to attend an event.

OVER THE MOON – a romantic comedy about a first date with two people from different centuries.

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Monologues From Plays


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