Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Acting

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Acting shares insight into developing a positive mindset to keep you mentally healthy when pursuing your acting career.

It’s that time again wherein we face that question we hate to even think about, “Should I Give Up Acting?” Yet, somehow it creeps up on us, once in a blue moon, we think of the alternative to following our dreams.

Perhaps your life will be easier? Perhaps following your great dream is an immature burden that you are placing upon yourself? Perhaps you should be less selfish and put others before your ‘selfish’ dreams? Perhaps you think you are not worthy of the art form?

Yes, those are some of the questions we try to desperately avoid, yet those are the kind of thoughts that can tend to creep up during our darkest days.

Let’s change that.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Acting

There are a ton of naysayers with ‘expert career advice’ that talk about the justifications as to why you should quit acting.  There are industry gurus, friends, family members and even strangers on the street who have expert opinions for you as well.  Isn’t it amazing how fortunate we all are with so many experts at our finger tips?  Hmm…

You need to cut out all such noise and quietly search within.

It’s about inner fulfillment, isn’t it?  It’s not about looking for answers outside yourself.  It’s not about your age, your experience, your industry connections, rejections, money, time and on and on.  All of that stuff has its own way of working out without you even giving it any thought.

It’s really about whether or not being an actor is giving you the sense of fulfillment you need and the only way to truly touch that knowledge is to search inside your own heart, mind and soul.  That alone will provide for you the compass you need to navigate your path.

There is no mystery, no game, no expert…there is only your own happiness.

Understanding the reality of what it means to be an actor is important for your mental health and will keep a positive perspective in your mind, without delusion.  Having hope is a beautiful part of being a human being and it’s essential for survival, but being delusional is quite a different thing because it goes beyond belief and into irrationality.  This can sometimes bring many wonderful artists down a dark path of substance abuse and depression because the reality has gone against the delusion, but if you remain humble and clear minded on truth, when you look life dead in its face, you will always remain level headed not only in your life, but also in your acting work.

Being an artist, being in the arts, whether you are a writer, a director, a producer, an actor, whatever field you may be in, you will be up against great difficulties. That’s the price you pay for following your dreams, the price for your freedom.

If you truly love acting, you must follow your effort and if you are honest with yourself, you will know for certain if acting is something you should pursue or not, based on your passion, drive and talent.

Here are some aspects to consider if you are weighing whether or not you should quit acting.

Art is long.

It takes years of hard work and discipline. Study the artists which inspire you, you’ll soon realize that their journey wasn’t easy, they went through plenty of hardship before they managed to get their start.

Rejection is like the sun rising in the morning.  Embrace it and accept that it’s part of your day.  The mindset of accepting rejection, will prevent you from being in conflict with it.  You cannot control whether or not someone is going to give you a role, but you can control your effort, stay focused on your effort.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Acting

You never know when your break will come.

When we commit to and visualize a dream, life takes us in directions that could lead to it becoming fulfilled, the secret is to stay in it, perhaps it’ll be decades but in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

If your attention is on your work and sharing your work at auditions, you will be pleasantly surprised when your phone rings with an offer.

After one audition, focus on the next one.

A creative journey is good for the soul.

Yes, perhaps you’ll struggle financially, but creativity is good for the soul, especially if it’s what makes you truly happy. It creates a strong character, great wisdom and an interesting life, if you give it your full effort. The struggle is real but the rewards that creativity gives an artist can not be matched by money.

As an actor, there are ways to keep on growing if you are not working, you can continuously read plays, rehearse parts, record your work, strengthen your voice, watch theatre, join a theatre group, create your own work.

Hard work isn’t enough. You need faith.

Believe in your path, in yourself. Know that by dedicating your life to your work, you would have developed a profound skill that will take you to great heights. Have faith in your work and believe it will give you everything in return. If you don’t believe you will make it, others won’t either. Believe in yourself and you will attract success.


Living with regret is a lot harder than fighting for your dreams. Think of yourself years from now, how would you feel if you knew that you didn’t give as much as you could have given? What would that do to you? Some go mad, some find their peace with regret but it’s a dark place to be in. Do all that you can now to avoid it.

It’s never time to quit your dream.

There is a saying that goes around about knowing when it is the right time for you to quit. Let’s just put that into perspective, quitting your dream shouldn’t be an option. There is no way that you can look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘I’ve done all that I could’. Because no matter how hard we think we have worked, there is more in us.

You are capable of greatness, you are capable of breaking through your old habits, your limitations and all the things that like to hold you back.

The next time you think about quitting, ask yourself first, ‘Have I done everything I could have possibly done?’ And remember, success in itself, is simply not giving up on your dreams.


It’s important to have a positive mindset built on positivity, without delusion. Focus on looking inward, rather than outward when answering the question, “Should I Give Up Acting?”

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