20 Acting Scenes for Drama Class Students

20 Acting Scenes for Drama Class Students are hand-picked acting scenes 10-20 minutes long.  The practice scripts for actors shared are drama/comedy pieces.

MB shares a ton of monologues, plays and script material to help acting students find useful material for drama class.

You can also use our material for video projects or short films.  We encourage and invite you to do so and be as creative as you wish.  All non-commercial projects may use our scenes, scripts and monologues for your creative purpose.

20 Acting Scenes for Drama Class Students

The acting scenes below offer a wide range of subject matter about courage, trust, independence, terror, luck, regret, positivity, health and many other topics.

Scenes are mostly in the drama and comedy genre but you will also find serio-comedy, crime and even scifi within the contents in this post.

THE FINEST PILLS THIS SIDE OF TOWN – an intense drama that involves a mother defending her son against a cut throat criminal.

FULL AMOUNT – Gabe sure does love his coffee and his newly hired home assistant is going to find out just how much he does.

WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE TO ME? – Dora doesn’t like to be ignored but her neighbor always seems to tune her out but maybe if she was more aware, she would realize that something else is going on.

SUNSHINE AND BIKINIS – Alec is undergoing a heartbreaking divorce and his buddy Buster visits him to cheer him up.

BAD TALK – sometimes we don’t want to admit we are related to certain people for fear of embarrassment.

OPTION A or OPTION B – a short crime noir scene about a dying man and a bag full of money.

SOUNDS LIKE ELEPHANT – an old styled script from the 1940’s crime genre.

DEAD HOUR – Jessica and Lexi both got home separately, however, one of them may have been followed.

THE 3RD AVENUE SPOT -Lem is having major second thoughts over whether or not he can go through with a deal.

DRILL – innocent or guilty, Max claims that a dentist deliberately drilled into his wife’s healthy tooth in order to give her a root canal.

20 Acting Scripts for Drama Class Students

SCATTERED SHOWERS – how do these two friends actually maintain their relationship?

LET’S TAKE A WALK – Vito presses Mario to tell him the truth over a situation that took place one night at a club.

THE WRONG RING – no matter how old you get, a ring is a ring.

JUST LIKE THE MOVIES – Zook and Tang are trying to build a better life for themselves the only way they know how.

FAIR PLAY – the darker side of business dealings in this short scene about high corporate stakes.

NAME OF THE MAN – a hit and run and two shaken people in the aftermath of experiencing killing someone.

CRASHING IN MY EARS – Wallace is somewhat of a medium and his niece interviews him for her college paper.

STARE DOWN – the awkwardness of two teens who like one another.

FULL CIRCLE – long time friends, long time enemies…long time friends again?

MOONY AND PEGGY – strange things begin to happen to this couple while in their apartment during a major storm.


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