27 Effective Short Dramatic Monologues for Women

Here is a list of staff picked monologues that we think work great for female monologue auditions. Check them out and share them with your fellow actors. =)

27 Effective Short Dramatic Monologues for Women

Elsewhere – Victoria is steering Florence indirectly in order to make certain her love interest goes as planned.

Work – this monologue explored work ethic, instead of relying on talent.

Ends Meet – Sandy has experience many ups and downs financially with her man.

Two Shades Away – Melanie second guesses the choices she makes in her life.

Second Look – Cher feels that she is losing her good looks.

Keeping Up – Pella is second guessing if she made the right hire for the company she manages.

No Veer – this monologue explores being strong enough to get past difficult times.

Form of Clarity – The aftermath of an argument with her boyfriend and the fixing up that takes place.

My Own Two Eyes – Julia shows no mercy in destroying her business competition.

Far Too Deeply – Sharon shows support and encouragement for Glen to take risks in his life.

Free Spirit – Kelly opens up to her friend about how much she respects her and appreciates their friendship.

Real Man – Desdemona may have made a huge mistake marrying her husband.

Going Vegan – Tiffany defends and explains why she has gone vegan.

Rain On Me – Cheryl experienced something in her life that helps he see the power of the little things.

Beautiful Day – Linda wants to feel beautiful and she chats with a stranger who makes her feel better about herself.

Mouth – Tilda is fed up with her man talking down to her whenever he’s in a bad mood.

String of Pearls – Sarah helps her sister listen in on her intuition as life path guidance.

Can I Be A Mother? – Rebecca is on edge over whether or not she can be a good mother.

Promises, Promises – Littia goes on a rant at her husband for not helping rise their daughter as much as he promised he would.

I Can’t Win – Nella talks to her husband about how difficult it is for her to understand her daughter’s life choices.

The Signing – Eliza has been asked to sign a prenuptial agreement and is devastated by it.

Every Which Way – Susanna no longer wishes to be friends and decides to stick to her own inner truth.

Protective Shield – Rita needs to break out of the shell she emotionally placed herself in.

Contents Flammable – a mother lives with the pain of causing her daughter to be set on fire from her cigarette smoking habit.

I Know I’m Little – Tina is a physically small woman who sometimes wishes she was bigger.

Twinge – Janice cheated on her boyfriend and is emotionally ruined by her actions.

Stop Telling Me What To Do – Marta wants her mother to start respecting her as a person and adult.

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