3 Person Play Scripts for Actors

5-10 minute 3 person play scripts for actors, filmmakers or video makers in need of scripted content at no cost for non-commercial projects.

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3 Person Play Scripts for Actors

  1. Even This – a young boy tries to convince his mother to borrow money from someone she doesn’t truly trust.  All in the name of saving their home from being foreclosed.
  2. Peak Heat Hour – a father shows up to see his daughter but he receives more than he could have ever imagined when he talks to her.
  3. Cover Story – an editor for a major newspaper has his own private investigation into the marital affairs of his wife.
  4. Two or Three Days – it’s time to kick out the person living with you who has overstayed their welcome.
  5. Bad Talk – two friends encounter the local crazy only to discover that it’s a relative.
  6. Bits and Pieces – two women hit up an upscale party bored out of their minds until a man enters the atmosphere.
  7. El Camino del Diablo – a conquistador seeks out a brilliant bull fighter.
  8. Blue Rock – a look into the lives of welfare kids living in the slums and the innocent dreams they possess.
  9. One Red Cent – a mother and father fight over alimony.
  10. Patsy Fumbles – a Grandfather is fed up with all the food his Grandson has been devouring, including his beloved and most prized possession, his oatmeal cookies.
  11. Road Trip Going North To Nowhere – a man who wronged a hit man and now must face the consequences, but from a final goodbye phone call, his crazy wife unintentionally  changes plans.
  12. King of the Yawn – a long time worker is on his final day of work for retirement but his true feelings come out toward his coworkers.
  13. Mr. Tandum – a man confronts his sister about poisoning the mind of the woman he loves dearly.
  14. End Point – a young woman tell sheer boyfriend that its over, all the while her father sits drinking his beer for the entertainment of it.
  15. Cave of Da Vinci – two thieves enter the home of a gangster who isn’t to happy about their sudden appearance.
  16. Nitty Gritty – settling scores in the world of 20th century gangs.
  17. The Duck – having a friend stay over your house is nice to do but when they begin to show signs of insanity, things can get out of hand.
  18. Man With Gun – two idiots attempt a diner robbery.
  19. Eat Berries and Drink Whiskey – an unhappy journalist must cover a story of the oldest living person on Earth.
  20. Guy Code – coworkers and the games we play to rank up the corporate ladder.
  21. Walter’s Study – a son tries his best to be open and honest with his father.


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